How To Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Did you know that to be wealthy it really doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank.  Although, it would be nice to have some of the bank accounts of well known celebrities or professional athletes – the reality is – that you can have more something more valuable than that by simply working on your mindset.

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” author unknown

You see money can vanish in an instant at anytime if you aren’t careful about how you manage it.  You’ve probably all heard the saying, that its not how much you make, but how much you keep.  You see, if you allow the digits in your bank account to determine your wealth chances are – you will always be unsatisfied or worried about the ups and downs of it – or so focused on getting rich, that you will miss out on the enjoyment of the process and being present in everything that you do.   I once worked for a very wealthy man and I asked him point blank what it was like to be rich and his response stunned me, He said – its miserable, why I asked, than he went on to say that because everyone wants a piece of you.  So there is something to be said about living a quiet simple life.  I’m not advocating being poor or a martyr.  I’ve personally had money in my lifetime and been terribly broke at times – and if I was given the choice I would choose having money over being poor. However, keep in mind that being broke is usually temporary and you can change that if you are in that situation – but you have to change your mindset.

“Being broke is temporary but poverty of mind is permanent.” author unknown

Today, I would like to share with you some tips to work on your mindset, so even if you are not wealthy on the outside, you will feel wealthy on the inside, which will eventually make your outside situation much better.  Keep in mind wealth is not just a mindset, but also a feeling.

 “Wealth is of the heart and mind – not the pocket” Pharrell Williams

10 Tips to a Wealthy Mindset

  1. You are what you read.  Read books that inspire and lift you up. (Think and grow rich, Harmonic Wealth, As a Man Thinketh, and The Magic of Thinking Big are a few of my favorites)
  2. Be present (Practice the art of being present as everything we do in the present effects the future).
  3. Be grateful (quit comparing yourself to others who have more, you’ll never win, but instead be grateful for the things you already have in your life.)
  4. Pray (connecting with a higher power of your understanding can reap huge benefits and create faith in your life, it also will make you feel so much better).
  5. Meditate (practice daily for 15 minutes per day, if you can’t do 15, try 5 – but be still in an upright position or laying down in a quiet location).
  6. Listen to subliminal reprogramming music (I try and do this for at least 1 hour per day while working).  You can find many of these on Youtube, just put on a good set of headphones and relax.
  7. Pick your friends and associates wisely.  (Its been said that the 5 people you spend the most time with, will determine how well you will do financially).
  8. Personal Development (Re-invest 3% of your annual income into seminars, coaching, audio, books, etc).
  9. Create a vision board – (make a board of things that you want in life with pictures, relationships, cars, homes, good health).  Put it somewhere on a wall or computer where you can look at it everyday.
  10. Change your focus.  (Quit focusing the things that could go wrong and instead focus in the things going right).

All of these things will take action and you may not see any results right away, but I promise if you practice at least half of these things on a regular basis you will begin to change the way you look at things and the way you feel, so you will be on your way to a wealthy mindset which will pay you way more dividends than your bank account ever will.

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Hard Work is Not The Answer


I think most of us come from the school of thought that if we just get a good education and work hard we will get further and further ahead.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe this to be the case as I have found that generally I get way more accomplished and earn much more income by not working hard.  Now this doesn’t mean that you can sit around and do nothing and just daydream – you still get busy.  But there is a big difference between being busy and being results oriented.

Success experts recently did a study to discover what successful people have in common…

What makes people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and even Albert Einstein different from people who never reach their goals.  It’s really more about their mindset vs. their talent, education, or the amount of hours they put in at the office.  Did you know that Bill Gates created Microsoft and sold the idea for an appointment before him and  Paul Allen his co-founder even designed the software?  Success is really more about unshakeable confidence in yourself and having the right mindset before you ever take action.

The truth is, millions of people work hard. But only a few people turn their dreams into reality.

They’re missing the #1 thing people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Albert Einstein have in common.  If you’d like to see how close you are to reaching your goals, I highly recommend that you Click Here to take your free 60 second quiz.  Once you fill in the quiz above, you’ll discover exactly what is holding you back from living a life of wealth, joy and success (and what to do about it!) In fact, I challenge you this year to spend more time working on your mindset than anything else if you find that there is room for improvement.  As you begin to look at things differently you will see your reality begin to change.

>>>Take The Quiz Now to Find out Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein’s shared success secret


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The Truth About Making Money Online…


Can you really make money online?

You wake up in the morning and you get an email on how so and so made $1500 in one day with no experience.  You look at the website and you buy the $27 Ebook or magic system that will automatically make you money online.  You have never made a dime online or you have tried and failed over and over again.  These sellers prey on those with 0 experience or big dreams to fill their bank accounts and some even offer a 30 day or 90 day money back guarantee knowing that for the low cost of their program you will probably just forget about it.

Can you really make money online?  Absolutely…  Are there a lot of scams out there?  Absolutely…  How do you avoid the scams?  You don’t.  Its part of the learning experience of making money online.  You have to just get experience and sometimes getting experience requires wasting money on things that don’t really offer you anything in return.

I’ve personally made several hundred thousand online since I first started out in 2008, but the road has been a bumpy one.  But isn’t that the case in any business?  Every business whether it be internet marketing or running a small brick and mortar store has its good and bad.

So where do you start?  Let me say this – you can and will money online if you so desire.  Find something you can do online that you enjoy.  Thats right – because if it’s really painful or exhausting for you – you won’t stick with it.  The only reason most people stick with a job they don’t like – is because they are getting paid for it.  But imagine sticking with something you don’t like and not getting paid for it for months or even years.

Over half of all people out there who work for a living would prefer to be self employed or have their own business, but most have no idea what the cost is to do that.  I’ve gone months without being paid or earning any money at all while I launched a new business or when I first got online.  Everything and I mean everything in business has an incubation period.  Its rare that anyone will come out of the gate and just start making money right away.

So I wouldn’t worry so much about wasting your hard earned money if you want to make money online, but I would worry more about finding something you enjoy doing that you can do online.  I know people that hate sales, and I know people who love sales.  I know people who love to work outdoors and get dirty, and others who would much rather hang out in a cubicle.  So find something that is in alignment with your skill-set and personality and go after that.  I’ve heard of many stories of stay at home moms who make good money just blogging.  So if writing is your thing start a blog. I know others who make great money working as a distributor for a health and wellness company.  So if health is your thing and you like talking to people go do something like that.

Finally, go find something you are passionate about and turn that into a profit and if that can be done online than you can make alot of money online.  But chances are that overnight riches don’t exist online and they probably don’t exist anywhere except if you were to buy a lottery ticket.  And seriously what joy is there – in getting something for nothing.

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Will Solo Ads Get You More leads?


If you are building a home based business one of the toughest things to create
is a steady flow of traffic. Without people to talk to or email on a regular
basis your business will stall or perhaps even go backwards.

I have found several ways to create online traffic on a consistent
basis, but one of my favorite ways to get online traffic is by purchasing
solo ads. What is a solo ad? A solo ad is basically an ad that goes out
to a huge list of subscribers (usually in the thousands) from another marketer
who already has an established presence online. What they do
is simply rent you their list. You pay a fee for each click that you get
to your website. The cost is usually 20 cents to $1 per click.

If you’d like to expand your business and get into some Sol Ad Marketing,
I highly recommend you consider looking at Solo Ad Marketing.
below is a link to one of my personal favorite Solo Ad Sites which has
been tried in tested many times by myself and others.

One of my favorite websites for purchasing solo ads is Udimi.

To learn more click here.

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Desktop Lightning Review


I recently came across a software package to promote my home based business called Desktop Lightning.  After using the software for a few weeks, I was pleased with the ease of use and the results I was getting from the amount of money I was spending on it.

Basically, Desktop Lightning is a desktop application that allows people in the home based industry to send you emails for tools to help you get more leads for your home based business.

I first signed up for the $20 a month subscription as I felt if I was able to generate 10 to 15 leads per month from it, it would be worth the cost – especially if some of the prospects became customers or distributors with my company.

Here is how it works – you first go to Desktop Lightning and set up a free account.  You have the option to upgrade so you can send your first email blast to 4000 home based biz seekers.  You can write your own email and use html coding to spruce it up, or you can copy and paste emails from other users and revise your email to your own liking (recommended unless you have copywriting experience).  Then simply create your email and hit “send broadcast” and within seconds your email is sent to thousands of subscribers.  You are only allowed to send 1 email blast every 3 to 4 days and because the network is so huge with over 150,000 members your emails will not be seen by the same people every time you send out.  There is even an option where you can send out an email blast to all 150,000 members for a fee.

You can also create additional income with this program by sharing this marketing system with others.

With that being said, I would recommend this program to anyone looking to generate leads for their home based business.  To learn more about Desktop Lighting click here to watch their online video presentation which will explain everything you need to know.

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Valentus – SHOCKING TRUTH – My Valentus Review

In this video I will share with you more information on Valentus one of the fastest growing companies in the direct sales industry.  Valentus markets healthy beverages and their flagship weight loss coffee known as SlimRoast.  This is a great company to make money with and can benefit many to improving their health as well as their wealth.  To learn more watch the video below.

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If You Want Something Badly You Must First Enjoy The Ride.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my life it’s that you have to seize the moment. Live in the present, be present, and understand that this is the only real part of your life. The past will be behind you in a moment and the future has not yet arrived.

What if I told you that your thoughts and actions will determine your future. Imagine if you have bad feelings about your present and you are always worrying, or dissatisfied. You cannot create a life worth living in the present or future if you allow yourself to be dissatisfied NOW.  The key to getting everything you want in life is to know exactly what it is you want and be present in all that you do, while recognizing that bad thoughts and feeling equals poor end results.

Once you get present and recognize your thoughts and feelings moment to moment, than you can make choices along the way that will control where you are going to end up. For example if I want to be an actor who is on TV I will probably eventually have to pack up all my things and move to LA or New York while devoting many hours to becoming good at my craft (classes, plays, etc). Now before I get to my destination I must first live in
the present and feel good about what it is I am trying to accomplish and then take the necessary action steps to make that dream become a reality. I don’t think this process is all that complicated

I think the only difference between those that have what they want in life and those that don’t have what they want is that the ones who don’t have what they want – spend way too much time focusing on what they don’t want vs. what they do want. Or in some cases they know what they want, but they are dreamers and just talk about what they want, but don’t take the necessary steps to move them towards that dream.

In my life, I have been an actor, musician, salesperson, network marketer, internet marketer – and the truth is that I did find success in most of those things, but the reality is that even though I was always very clear on what I wanted, I was so focused on the outcome that I missed out on the journey and living day to day in the moment. You must embrace the journey and enjoy the ride in life no matter what it is that you decide to pursue.

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10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Peaceful HomeUnless we travel for work or live in multiple places (hotels), we probably have a place we all call home.  Its been said that home is where the heart is and with that in mind doing some testing and some research on the topic of making the home more serene, I have come up with 10 tips to make your home a more serene (peaceful) place.

“To Live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on earth.” Shri Radhe Maa

  1. Wake up each day to bright light.  I know you may like to sleep in and keep those curtains drawn, but research shows by letting sunlight in it will improve your well-being.
  2. Sit and be still.  From time to time just turn off all electrical devices unplug and sit and meditate.  If you don’t know how to meditate just sit in a quiet room for 15 minutes at least once per day.
  3. Make your bed.  This is one of the first things I do as soon as I wake up.
  4. Empty the hampers.  As soon as my hampers get full with laundry I make sure to do a load.  Never let your laundry pile up.
  5. Clean up your dishes.  I always clean up my dishes after cooking.  A great way to do this is to clean up while you’re cooking.  You’ll have a much less to deal with when you are finished eating.
  6. Set a timer.  If you don’t like doing chores, simply set a timer for 15, 20, or 30 and deal with the task at hand.
  7. Keep the yard tidy.  If you don’t like doing yard work – hire a landscaper to come by 2 to 4 times a month and maintain your property.
  8. Out of sight.  Try to clean off countertops and put things away.  Clutter is not good for peaceful feelings and has been known to cause stress.  If you find you aren’t using items in your home for long periods of time get rid of them.
  9. Let the darkness come.  At night one of the first things I do before getting ready before bed (about an hour prior) is I turn off all the lights and burn some candles.  Some light background music is always nice to fall asleep to (I put the timer on for 60 minutes).
  10. Get a diffuser.  I just recently bought a diffuser for essential oils, not only does it make the house smell better, but its been proven that essential oils can add to overall well-being and help reduce stress and increase endorphins.  Make sure to buy good ones.  I bought mine at Sprouts (great selection), but I hear that Young Living and DoTerra have some of the best on the market.

Try and implement just a few of the above and check in with yourself in 30 days and see if it made a difference in adding serenity to your home.


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The Millionaire Mindset


Do you ever wonder why some people go through life and everything seems to go their way?  You may have even watched the movie The Secret and learned about The Law of Attraction.  You may have even put it to use to only find that its easier said than done.

For many of us, our minds are not well.  Im not saying you are mentally ill, but there is a good chance that your beliefs have been so tainted by your life experiences that you may never get what you want, your life may even feel like a re-run.  In fact, its not uncommon to continue to get the same results in all areas of our lives.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to remain this way forever.  Here’s the truth.  It doesn’t just start with programming our brains it actually starts in the SHAPE of your BRAIN.

The truth is rich people’s brains actually developed far differently from the brains the rest of us have.  That’s why it seems like everything goes so easy for them and so difficult for the rest of us when it comes to money.

But here’s the cool part. Science has recently discovered something that
completely changes the game.

It’s called neuroplasticity.   Its a way to actually change the shape of your brain, so you too can begin to acquire the brain of a millionaire.

Crazy, right?

This guy in the video below explains how most of us have been lied to when it comes to our success.  And how is formula for shaping our brains really does work and quickly turned his life around after struggling for so many years.

To really get what we want we have to reshape our brains.    Please watch this important video that reveals why some people have success simply based on the ways their brains are shaped.  And how you have the ability to reshape yours as well.

To learn more click here.

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