Will Solo Ads Get You More leads?


If you are building a home based business one of the toughest things to create
is a steady flow of traffic. Without people to talk to or email on a regular
basis your business will stall or perhaps even go backwards.

I have found several ways to create online traffic on a consistent
basis, but one of my favorite ways to get online traffic is by purchasing
solo ads. What is a solo ad? A solo ad is basically an ad that goes out
to a huge list of subscribers (usually in the thousands) from another marketer
who already has an established presence online. What they do
is simply rent you their list. You pay a fee for each click that you get
to your website. The cost is usually 20 cents to $1 per click.

If you’d like to expand your business and get into some Sol Ad Marketing,
I highly recommend you consider looking at Solo Ad Marketing.
below is a link to one of my personal favorite Solo Ad Sites which has
been tried in tested many times by myself and others.

One of my favorite websites for purchasing solo ads is Udimi.

To learn more click here.

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Desktop Lightning Review


I recently came across a software package to promote my home based business called Desktop Lightning.  After using the software for a few weeks, I was pleased with the ease of use and the results I was getting from the amount of money I was spending on it.

Basically, Desktop Lightning is a desktop application that allows people in the home based industry to send you emails for tools to help you get more leads for your home based business.

I first signed up for the $20 a month subscription as I felt if I was able to generate 10 to 15 leads per month from it, it would be worth the cost – especially if some of the prospects became customers or distributors with my company.

Here is how it works – you first go to Desktop Lightning and set up a free account.  You have the option to upgrade so you can send your first email blast to 4000 home based biz seekers.  You can write your own email and use html coding to spruce it up, or you can copy and paste emails from other users and revise your email to your own liking (recommended unless you have copywriting experience).  Then simply create your email and hit “send broadcast” and within seconds your email is sent to thousands of subscribers.  You are only allowed to send 1 email blast every 3 to 4 days and because the network is so huge with over 150,000 members your emails will not be seen by the same people every time you send out.  There is even an option where you can send out an email blast to all 150,000 members for a fee.

You can also create additional income with this program by sharing this marketing system with others.

With that being said, I would recommend this program to anyone looking to generate leads for their home based business.  To learn more about Desktop Lighting click here to watch their online video presentation which will explain everything you need to know.

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Valentus – SHOCKING TRUTH – My Valentus Review

In this video I will share with you more information on Valentus one of the fastest growing companies in the direct sales industry.  Valentus markets healthy beverages and their flagship weight loss coffee known as SlimRoast.  This is a great company to make money with and can benefit many to improving their health as well as their wealth.  To learn more watch the video below.


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If You Want Something Badly You Must First Enjoy The Ride.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my life it’s that you have to seize the moment. Live in the present, be present, and understand that this is the only real part of your life. The past will be behind you in a moment and the future has not yet arrived.

What if I told you that your thoughts and actions will determine your future. Imagine if you have bad feelings about your present and you are always worrying, or dissatisfied. You cannot create a life worth living in the present or future if you allow yourself to be dissatisfied NOW.  The key to getting everything you want in life is to know exactly what it is you want and be present in all that you do, while recognizing that bad thoughts and feeling equals poor end results.

Once you get present and recognize your thoughts and feelings moment to moment, than you can make choices along the way that will control where you are going to end up. For example if I want to be an actor who is on TV I will probably eventually have to pack up all my things and move to LA or New York while devoting many hours to becoming good at my craft (classes, plays, etc). Now before I get to my destination I must first live in
the present and feel good about what it is I am trying to accomplish and then take the necessary action steps to make that dream become a reality. I don’t think this process is all that complicated

I think the only difference between those that have what they want in life and those that don’t have what they want is that the ones who don’t have what they want – spend way too much time focusing on what they don’t want vs. what they do want. Or in some cases they know what they want, but they are dreamers and just talk about what they want, but don’t take the necessary steps to move them towards that dream.

In my life, I have been an actor, musician, salesperson, network marketer, internet marketer – and the truth is that I did find success in most of those things, but the reality is that even though I was always very clear on what I wanted, I was so focused on the outcome that I missed out on the journey and living day to day in the moment. You must embrace the journey and enjoy the ride in life no matter what it is that you decide to pursue.

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10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Peaceful HomeUnless we travel for work or live in multiple places (hotels), we probably have a place we all call home.  Its been said that home is where the heart is and with that in mind doing some testing and some research on the topic of making the home more serene, I have come up with 10 tips to make your home a more serene (peaceful) place.

“To Live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on earth.” Shri Radhe Maa

  1. Wake up each day to bright light.  I know you may like to sleep in and keep those curtains drawn, but research shows by letting sunlight in it will improve your well-being.
  2. Sit and be still.  From time to time just turn off all electrical devices unplug and sit and meditate.  If you don’t know how to meditate just sit in a quiet room for 15 minutes at least once per day.
  3. Make your bed.  This is one of the first things I do as soon as I wake up.
  4. Empty the hampers.  As soon as my hampers get full with laundry I make sure to do a load.  Never let your laundry pile up.
  5. Clean up your dishes.  I always clean up my dishes after cooking.  A great way to do this is to clean up while you’re cooking.  You’ll have a much less to deal with when you are finished eating.
  6. Set a timer.  If you don’t like doing chores, simply set a timer for 15, 20, or 30 and deal with the task at hand.
  7. Keep the yard tidy.  If you don’t like doing yard work – hire a landscaper to come by 2 to 4 times a month and maintain your property.
  8. Out of sight.  Try to clean off countertops and put things away.  Clutter is not good for peaceful feelings and has been known to cause stress.  If you find you aren’t using items in your home for long periods of time get rid of them.
  9. Let the darkness come.  At night one of the first things I do before getting ready before bed (about an hour prior) is I turn off all the lights and burn some candles.  Some light background music is always nice to fall asleep to (I put the timer on for 60 minutes).
  10. Get a diffuser.  I just recently bought a diffuser for essential oils, not only does it make the house smell better, but its been proven that essential oils can add to overall well-being and help reduce stress and increase endorphins.  Make sure to buy good ones.  I bought mine at Sprouts (great selection), but I hear that Young Living and DoTerra have some of the best on the market.

Try and implement just a few of the above and check in with yourself in 30 days and see if it made a difference in adding serenity to your home.


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The Millionaire Mindset


Do you ever wonder why some people go through life and everything seems to go their way?  You may have even watched the movie The Secret and learned about The Law of Attraction.  You may have even put it to use to only find that its easier said than done.

For many of us, our minds are not well.  Im not saying you are mentally ill, but there is a good chance that your beliefs have been so tainted by your life experiences that you may never get what you want, your life may even feel like a re-run.  In fact, its not uncommon to continue to get the same results in all areas of our lives.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to remain this way forever.  Here’s the truth.  It doesn’t just start with programming our brains it actually starts in the SHAPE of your BRAIN.

The truth is rich people’s brains actually developed far differently from the brains the rest of us have.  That’s why it seems like everything goes so easy for them and so difficult for the rest of us when it comes to money.

But here’s the cool part. Science has recently discovered something that
completely changes the game.

It’s called neuroplasticity.   Its a way to actually change the shape of your brain, so you too can begin to acquire the brain of a millionaire.

Crazy, right?

This guy in the video below explains how most of us have been lied to when it comes to our success.  And how is formula for shaping our brains really does work and quickly turned his life around after struggling for so many years.

To really get what we want we have to reshape our brains.    Please watch this important video that reveals why some people have success simply based on the ways their brains are shaped.  And how you have the ability to reshape yours as well.

To learn more click here.

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Magic 10 Marketing!

Magic 10 Marketing

I recently went out looking for an opportunity that wouldn’t hurt the bank of
someone new to get started, but also has a substantially high payout per month for
us veterans, I  found that Magic 10 Marketing meets this very important criteria.

Of course their are other important factors to add to the list but the main one was affordability.

I really wanted to find something that I knew that a high percentage of people can have
success with, even if they never had it before.

But I want you to hear it from the video presentation first. (its really good and really explains how very exciting this opportunity is).

To learn more about this Amazing Opportunity please watch the video below and see why I believe this opportunity makes a ton of sense.

Magic 10 Marketing Opportunity Presentation

Since time is of the essence on this opportunity. If you decide you want to get started – click here to lock in your position.

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3 Ways To Make Money Online for Stay At Home Moms


3 Ways To Make Money Online for Stay At Home Moms

Growing up I can recall how my mom never had a regular job.  Mainly because dad didn’t want her to work, but also so she could be there for my brother and I.  I do recall her doing a few part-time jobs like selling Avon and doing crafts to sell during the holiday season.  Times have changed quite a bit since the 70s and 80s, as most cannot afford to live on one income these days as incomes have not grown with inflation over the past 30 years.

Unfortunately today, I think having a job is a risky proposition considering all the corporate layoffs and cutbacks.  I also think that if a mom can stay home with the kids, the kids will be better off in the long run than if she spends most of her time at an office.  Although, I didn’t like my mom being home all the time for my brother and I – I certainly appreciate it now and see that it helped both my brother and I do better later in life.

For any of you stay at home moms or those that desire to be stay at home moms I have put together a list of things you can do today to start earning money at home.


Freelancing is one of the easiest virtual businesses to get off the ground because you can use your hobbies and talents to earn an income and there are almost no start-up costs.  You can basically start working right from the kitchen table.  Begin marketing with a website create some business cards for free on vistaprint.com and using social media sites like Facebook & Twitter to reach your existing network.  If your business is tailored more towards professionals, make sure to set up a LinkedIn Profile.

Make sure to shout from the mountain tops what you are up to.  Your friends and family should be your biggest supporters and hopefully will become or refer you to future customers.

Amazon & Ebay

I love Amazon and Ebay and have made tons of money selling online over the years.  My first crack at Ebay was around 2007 selling baby stuff from my son that he had outgrown to help finance a move to Australia.  I was shocked at how easy it was to sell things in my closet that I was just going to give away to Goodwill.  You’re probably sitting on a treasure chest and don’t even realize it.  Start on Ebay as it is way easier to make money selling used stuff than Amazon.  Amazon is better if you get serious down the road and want to begin becoming a reseller for a number of different products.  Eventually if you will need to get a sellers permit and start keeping track of all your sales as you will have to report your income quarterly or annually.

Network Marketing

The direct selling industry or the network marketing industry is a billion dollar industry.  In fact there are more six figure income earners who are women in this industry than any other.  70% of all network marketing companies are made up of women, only about 30% are men.  My reasoning for this is that women are much more social than men and have a natural gift for sharing products with their friends.  If you have a pretty good network and can find a company with a product that you like – this could be a great way to make some extra income.  As mentioned above – my mother was a distributor for Avon when I was a kid and this is a very flexible occupation.  The downside to this business is that it can take a few months to get up and running.  This business works better for people who may already have a job or some financial backing early on just like any other business.  The positive is that you can generally get started for less than a night on the town (so capital is very small compared to regular business).  If you’d like to look at this model you can visit my website a http://healthierwealthier.info

Well there are a few ideas to help you get on your way to earning some extra income and possibly a six figure income while doing the things you love and being there for your little ones.


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Learning How to Brand Yourself Online

You Inc.

Learning How To Brand Yourself Online

is one of the most important things you can do to promote your business or your career.  Today it’s more important than ever to learn to brand yourself online.  Over 1 Billion names are googled everyday, so unless you live under a rock you’ve probably had some google you.  Just over a year ago, someone had taken my identity and used my image on a dating site and was soliciting women for money.  Luckily, the women were smart enough to figure out who the man was and who I was and I received several emails from some of these women notifying me of this impersonator and I was able to contact the dating site.  Fortunately, I haven’t heard from anyone in awhile, so my attempt to put a dagger in the situation worked.

Hopefully, you won’t ever get someone using your identity online or offline without your permission, but it is possible in todays world.  With that being said, on the bright side you can use the internet to promote your brand, which I call YOU Inc.  Your brand is basically who you are in a nutshell and is first before your career, job, or whatever.  The trick with branding is to market YOU the best way you can to an audience online through social media, blogging, or ads to build a fan base.  by building a fan base, just like with celebrities you can market products to them.  There is a reason why Kim Kardashian can earn several thousand dollars for just 1 tweet.  Its because she has created a multi-million dollar Brand.

You are essentially doing the same thing as Kim Kardashian on a much smaller scale as most don’t have a film crew and a major network following them around.  But I have seen individuals do a good job branding themselves to different industries like – network marketing, cooking, skin care, and wine to name a few other industries beyond entertainment.

I think the most important thing to do when building your brand is to focus on the 80/20 rule.  Create a blog, Twitter, Youtube channel, Instagram, and Facebook Fan Page and simply get to work.  Try to operate your brand like a major network and keep it interesting and always be engaging with your audience.  If you’re going to build a brand online you will need to be consistent and always be putting up interesting posts and engaging with your audience.  Over a period of time by doing all the above you should begin to see your audience and wallet begin to grow.

If you’re not sure where to begin and you want to create a Brand.  I heard a great piece of advice from a man who started an online wine show Gary Vaynerchuk.  He said to find something you are passionate about (in his case wine) and just start blogging about it.  You can either write it or put it on Youtube.  In my case its been mainly personal development and marketing tips.  But try to narrow it down to something and just go for it.

If you think you need help setting up a brand, I have personally worked with quite a few individuals helping them set up their online brand.  Feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute coaching session if you want to take your Brand up a notch at john@johnlowery.biz

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